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Providing business equipment services to Northeastern California communities since 1995.

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A: We provide repair services for most makes and models of copiers, facsimiles and laser printers. We either charge by the hour or with a maintenance agreement.

A: Our hourly rate is $75/hour for facsimiles and laser printers and $95/hour for copiers. We charge a 1 hour minimum at the appropriate rate. If we can not repair your equipment there is no service charge incurred. We do not charge for mileage in most cases.

A: A maintenance agreement is a contract between Scott Tanner Business Equipment and you. It is based upon the number of copies that you make in a certain period of time (normally per month) and covers the upkeep and maintenance of your equipment for normal wear and tear. In most instances our maintenance agreements include everything except paper. Maintenance agreements do not cover equipment that has been damaged by neglect or operator abuse.

A: Not normally. We usually only provide maintenance agreements for copiers with few exceptions.

A: Yes. We do service and provide maintenance agreements for most makes and models of copiers no matter who you purchased them from. We do not limit our maintenance agreements to Sharp copiers. Call and see how competitive our rates truly are.
A: We provide networks services that pertain exclusively to the copier, printer or fax and its connection to your network. We install print drivers and scan software at the customers request or will co-ordinate with your IT department for proper deployment of the units associated software. We also provide support for troubleshooting print and scan issues and upgrades to existing equipment.
A: We recycle 100% of all Sharp toners. Sharp also has a website where the consumer can get free shipping labels to return used toner cartridges at no charge. We also recycle all copiers, facsimiles and printers through the E-waste programs in Lassen and Plumas counties. We are a big believer of recycling and actively strive to recycle as much of our Business and Residential waste as we can. See Sharp's website regarding their efforts on Environmental Conservation.